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  • Let The Flood Begin: 42 MILLION Latin Migrants Are Seeking Entry Into U.S. According To New Data


    According to data revealed in a new poll conducted by Gallup, at least 42 million adults from Latin America and the Caribbean want permanent residence in the U.S. The March 24th poll finds that 35% of the 120 million individuals in the region seeking to leave their country are keen on living in the U.S.: “There are […] More

  • Mike Pence WARNS Latin America What Will Happen If They Do Not CUT Ties With North Korea

    Vice President Mike Pence urged Chile, Peru, Mexico, and other Latin American nations to consider cutting all diplomatic ties to North Korea during his visit to Chile on Wednesday, suggesting only a full diplomatic freeze could pressure the rogue communist state to cease its constant threats of nuclear attack. In remarks beside leftist Chilean President […] More