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  • L.A. COVID Police Now Telling Residents To Wear Masks In Their Own Homes


    More insane and looming unconstitutional Covid-lockdown overreach, once again out of hard hit L.A. county where cases are surging: Things are so bad in Los Angeles County that health officials are now advising all essential workers to wear masks inside their own home to prevent spreading Covid-19 within their household. As if instances where some cities across the globe […] More

  • California County SEIZES Church Property To STOP SERVICES…Meanwhile, Protestes Still ‘OK’


    A California church challenged local coronavirus restrictions on worship services, and county authorities responded by canceling the church’s five-decade-old lease. County officials informed Grace Community Church that it will terminate its decades-old lease on a parking lot after the church filed a lawsuit over local restrictions against in-person worship. The county told the church in a […] More