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  • EXPOSED! Menendez Trial Shines Light on More Democratic Crooks

    You can be forgiven for being unaware that a sitting US Senator is currently standing trial, and even for being unaware of what the political affiliation of said Senator might be. There has been a relative dearth of stories concerning the trial of Robert Menendez and predictably many of the stories that have managed to […] More

  • White House Reaches Decision On Kellyanne Conway Ethics ‘Scandal’

    The White House has determined that when Kellyanne Conway promoted Ivanka Trump’s product line, she did so innocently. reports: The White House has determined that Kellyanne Conway acted “inadvertently” and “without nefarious motive or intent” when she promoted Ivanka Trump’s fashion line in an interview with Fox News last month, according to a White […] More

  • Kellyanne Conway Is The First Woman To Run A Successful Presidential Campaign – Here’s How She Did It

    The 2016 presidential election was a historic night for now President-Elect Donald J. Trump, but thanks to the hard work of his campaign manager, he wasn’t the only person who made history.  Kellyanne Conway has become the first woman to run a victorious presidential campaign. Conway moved up from Trump’s senior adviser and pollster to campaign manager in […] More