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  • Republicans Enjoy HISTORIC Win In Kansas And The Red Wave SURGES!

    YES! YUGE!

    After all the recounts and the mysterious uncovering of “missing” ballots, the results are in, and the Trump-backed candidate succeeded, and pulls off a HISTORIC win in Kansas City and will move on to battle for the Governor’s seat. Kocbach, a Trump-supporting patriot, pulled off the “impossible,” by unseating the incumbent Governor Jeff Colyer, in […] More

  • Clinton Says Getting Fired For Discussing Pay Is Perfectly Legal; Is this True?

    “That’s legal: If you find out about somebody else’s salary even if you’re doing exactly the same job, you can be retaliated against, including being fired, in most places.” — Hillary Clinton, speech in Tampa, Sept. 6, 2016 Clinton made this claim after retelling the story of two teens from Kansas who were fired after […] More