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  • Kansas City Mayor Issues ‘Nazi-Like’ Order; Church Attendees Placed On Involuntary Surveillance!


    A conservative law firm is calling a new order in Kansas City, Missouri, “Nazi-like” for requiring churches to “surveil, track, and spy” on anyone who attends an in-person service, but the mayor is pushing back on that characterization. Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas issued the 10/10/10 rule in effect May 5, ordering that nonessential businesses, like churches, can have 10 people inside and […] More

  • Republicans Enjoy HISTORIC Win In Kansas And The Red Wave SURGES!

    YES! YUGE!

    After all the recounts and the mysterious uncovering of “missing” ballots, the results are in, and the Trump-backed candidate succeeded, and pulls off a HISTORIC win in Kansas City and will move on to battle for the Governor’s seat. Kocbach, a Trump-supporting patriot, pulled off the “impossible,” by unseating the incumbent Governor Jeff Colyer, in […] More