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  • BREAKING: Jersey City Terrorists Who Attacked Jews Had A MASSIVE BOMB Capable Of Killing Scores Of People In A 500 Yard Radius!


    The two terrorists who were behind an anti-Semitic shooting last month in Jersey City reportedly had constructed a massive bomb that had the ability to kill people up to 500 yards away, according to federal law enforcement officials. “New Jersey shooters David Anderson and Francine Graham had an improvised explosive device inside their U-Haul van […] More

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  • Trump ‘OFFENDS’ New England By Choosing New Jersey For Vacation

    President Trump’s choice of New Jersey for his 17-day vacation has sparked a snarky feud between some writers for the Boston Globe and defenders of the Garden State. Just as in the American Revolution, the first shot was fired in Massachusetts. Globe staffers Matt Viser and Annie Linskey wrote an essay questioning Trump’s taste in […] More

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