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  • Oh Good, Hollywood’s Jennifer Lawrence Releases Video, Claims She Has The Plan To ‘Fix America’


    Our political system may be broken, but we can all rest easier now knowing that “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence has a plan to save America from what she believes is uncontrolled government corruption. The Oscar-winning actress claimed late last year that she was taking a full 12-month hiatus from making blockbuster movies after completing […] More

  • Jennifer Lawrence Thinks She Can Do Whatever She Wants, Tries To Take Over Plane PA System To Celebrate Eagles Win

    Jennifer Lawrence was clearly excited about the Philadelphia Eagles’s chances for victory ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl LII, as the actress apparently over an airplane loudspeaker system to lead a chant for the team — but it looks like the Passengers star’s fellow passengers were not amused. From Breitbart: Video posted to social media on […] More

  • Man Attacked By Leftists For RESEMBLING A Nazi

    Left-wing activists and social media users harassed and publicly shamed an innocent man because he bore a resemblance to one of the far-right attendees of the Charlottesville, Va. rally Saturday. The amateur anti-fascist Internet detectives and accounts scoured over images of the rally and tried to put names to faces, the New York Times reported. […] More