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  • IRONY: Iranian Foreign Minister Joins Hands With Openly-Gay Democrat To Blame Trump As The Bad Guy


    On Wednesday a Ukrainian Airlines plane carrying 180 passengers and crew crashed just minutes after takeoff from Tehran, Iran! This came on the same night that Iran fired over a dozen missiles at US military bases in Iraq. On Wednesday morning — US OFFICIALS ANNOUNCED THEY WERE CONFIDENT THE UKRAINIAN JETLINER WAS SHOT DOWN! #BREAKING: @CBSNews has […] More

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  • As Time Nears For Trump’s Critical Iran Decision, He Takes A Moment To Deliver John Kerry This Message


    As President Trump prepares to announce the fate of the Iran nuclear deal, he had a strong message for former Secretary of State John Kerry. Just days ahead of the May 12 deadline, and hours before his Tuesday afternoon announcement on whether the U.S. will continue in the Obama-era pact or reimpose sanctions on Iran, the president […] More

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