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  • Brazil Seeks Trump’s Help In Cutting Ties With Socialist Past


    “We are coming from a very difficult recent past.” Brazil’s economy is poised to take off under the leadership of President Jair Bolsonaro after years of lackluster growth according to a Thursday Financial Times report. Bolsonaro, who on his first day in office promised to “liberate” Brazil from the “inverted values” of socialism, has set out to pursue ambitious […] More

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  • TRUMP: The ‘Twilight Hour of Socialism’ Has Arrived


    “The last thing we want in the United States is socialism.” President Donald Trump expressed his desire for an end to socialism in America during a joint press conference Tuesday alongside Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro. While highlighting the humanitarian crisis plaguing socialist Venezuela, Trump took time to jab at Democrats’ recent embrace of democratic socialism. “The twilight hour of socialism […] More

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