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  • REPORT: Trump Asks Iraq For Oil As Payback For


    President Donald Trump reportedly raised the prospect of Iraq repaying the United States with oil for its war in the country, according to a stunning new report. Axios reported Sunday night that in 2017, Trump twice raised the prospect to Iraq’s then-Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. The ask, Axios noted, “runs afoul of international norms and logic.” “It was a […] More

  • POLL: Do You Agree With Trump That The U.S. Should Take The Oil From Iraq?

    During NBC New’s Commander-In-Chief forum, Trump doubled-down on his belief that the United States should have taken the oil from Iraq. Trump said he believes Obama failed in the manner he pulled American troops out of the Middle East and that he would have taken the oil because ISIS formed based on that wealth, according to the Republican nominee. “ISIS […] More