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  • Teen Schools Liberal Teacher When Called Out About His Hillary For Prison T-Shirt

    Teachers have enough to concern themselves with in educating students that they should leave their political views at the door — especially when they’re wrong. A Mississippi teacher decided to call out a student for wearing a “Hillary for Prison 2016” t-shirt. BizPac Review reported that Richard Gautier’s son Mason wore the t-shirt to school […] More

  • Hillary Clinton: Satan’s Spawn!!

    Hillary Clinton and Obama are both followers of Saul Alinsky who wrote Rules for Radicals and dedicated it to Satan. Obama and Hillary use these rules in their governing. Hilary has got to be one of the most foul mouthed evil people I’ve ever seen. How anyone could possibly  vote for this evil, evil, evil, […] More

  • Rudy Giuliani Just Revealed Why Hillary May Still Face Prison Time

    “If Trump should win …” On Tuesday morning, FBI Director James Comey reported the findings of the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified emails on her personal email servers. While Comey called Clinton’s decision to maintain private email servers and to send and receive some 110 emails containing classified information “extremely careless,” […] More

  • You Won’t BELIEVE Who Was Seen Leaving Clinton’s Home Right After FBI Interview

    The FBI finally had the opportunity to question Hillary Clinton on Saturday as part of their investigation against her. However, it’s what happened immediately afterwards that has everyone talking. This case just keeps getting more and more fishy… Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s former chief of staff during the time Clinton was Secretary of State […] More

  • BOMBSHELL Deposition From Huma Abedin Says Hillary Literally BURNED Public Records at State Dept

    Hillary Clinton’s most loyal aide Huma Abedin dropped a major bombshell in her deposition last week to lawyers with Judicial Watch concerning her boss’ emails. Abedin told lawyers that while head of the State Department, Clinton often times destroyed her schedules, a revelation that could put the Democratic presidential nominee in a bind with an […] More

  • Poll: Will Donald Trump Prosecute Hillary Clinton If He Becomes President?

    Hillary Clinton’s email scandal has engulfed her campaign for the last several months.  Many, however, believe that she will not have charges brought against her due to a friendly administration.  Her worst nightmare could be the election of Donald Trump, who has said recently that he would have to look into prosecuting her. Fox News’ […] More