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  • WATCH: Fired NY Healthcare Workers Burn Their Scrubs To Protest Vaccine Mandates

    YES! YUGE!

    On Saturday, fired healthcare employees in New York protested the vaccine demand outside of Staten Island University Hospital. The medical personnel set fire to their scrubs and chanted, “We will not comply!” “We the people are pissed off!” one protester shouted. Others sung “Glory, Glory Hallelujah” in unison. WATCH: Protesters and Healthcare Workers BURN THEIR […] More

  • Healthcare Providers Raise Concerns As HHS Leaves $50 Billion In Coronavirus Relief Unspent


    Healthcare providers are raising new concerns about unspent funds earmarked by the Department of Health and Human Services for pandemic-related assistance. Over $50 billion dollars in relief funds meant for providers remains unspent, with many providers claiming that they have only received a fraction of what they requested to cover losses incurred during the pandemic. […] More