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  • No, We Aren’t Joking – Harvard University Students Say The College Is ‘Too Liberal Leaning…’, Want More Conservative Professors Hired


    No need to check your calendars, April Fool’s Day was almost two months ago—this story is real. In the May 24th edition of the  Harvard Crimson, student-run daily newspaper of the very liberal Harvard University ran an editorial complaining that the college’s faculty was too skewed toward liberal professors (yes THAT Harvard). After praising the work […] More

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  • China Tries To BRIBE Harvard With 360 Million Dollar Gift

    China is providing Harvard University with $360 million that a former military intelligence analyst says appears to be part of an effort to influence one of America’s most important educational institutions. Anders Corr, a former government analyst who specializes in foreign influence operations, stated in a letter to Vice President Mike Pence that a Chinese […] More

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