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  • Liberals DESPERATELY Try To Bury Video Of Dem. Harry Reid Fighting AGAINST Illegal Immigration And ‘Anchor Babies’


    As I’ve noted many times before, illegal immigration used to be a bipartisan issue. While Republicans have always been stricter on immigration enforcement than their Democrat counterparts, there at least was little disagreement on the immorality of illegal immigration. President Donald Trump acknowledged as much when he trolled Congressional Democrats by tweeting out a video […] More

  • EXPOSED! Menendez Trial Shines Light on More Democratic Crooks

    You can be forgiven for being unaware that a sitting US Senator is currently standing trial, and even for being unaware of what the political affiliation of said Senator might be. There has been a relative dearth of stories concerning the trial of Robert Menendez and predictably many of the stories that have managed to […] More