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  • Unconstitutional? High School Students Suspended Over Visit To Gun Range


    Two High School students in New Jersey’s Lacey School District were allegedly suspended for posting a Snapchat photo of a visit to the gun range. reports that photo showed “four rifles, ammunition [magazines], and a gun duffel bag.” One of the students captioned the photo with “Fun day at the range.” The photo was passed among […] More

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  • Liberal Media Doesn’t Want This Known – One Gun Range Has Teachers RUSHING To It For This Amazing Reason


    Michael Barbour knew he had to do something after watching footage of the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and it turns out that “something” he settled on is exactly what teachers wanted. Barbour is the owner of Top Gun Shooting Sports in Taylor, Michigan. His shooting range and gun store is a favorite in the […] More

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