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  • Globalist Pope Francis Says We Must Take Advantage Of COVID Crisis To Start A “New World Order”


    In true globalist phraseology, Pope Francis has called for a “new world order” following the COVID-19 “pandemic.” He also advocated for global change on “green” issues, warning that “we cannot waste any more time.” Just yesterday, Vatican News published an excerpt of the Pope’s book length interview “God and the World to Come,” giving an insight into […] More

  • Trump Admin Outcast, James Mattis, Calls For Biden To ‘Eliminate America First’ Policy, Move Towards Globalism


    Globalist general James Mattis has called on Joe Biden to ‘eliminate’ the America first policy instituted by President Trump where foreign policy is concerned, claiming that it has ‘damaged’ US national security. Mattis, who served as Secretary of Defense under Trump from 2017 until last year, is still annoyed that Trump refused to carry on […] More

  • REVEALED: Liberals Inflame Panic Because Coronavirus THREATENS Globalization!


    The founder of a globalist think tank has written an article for Foreign Policy in which he complains that the coronavirus outbreak is “killing globalization as we know it.” Philippe Legrain, founder of the Open Political Economy Network (OPEN) says that the spread of COVID-19 “has been a gift to nativist nationalists and protectionists.” Legrain […] More

  • Highlights of Trump’s Speech

      “Our country lost its way when we stopped putting the American people really first,” he said. “We got here because we switched from a policy of Americanism – focusing on what’s good for America’s middle class – to a policy of globalism, focusing on how to make money for large corporations who can move […] More