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  • Georgetown University Raises Tuition Rates For REPARATIONS. WHAT!?


    “We share their commitment to addressing Georgetown’s history with slavery.” Georgetown University students voted by an almost 2-to-1 margin Thursday to increase tuition fees to benefit the descendants of slaves sold by the university more than 180 years ago according to ABC News. The undergraduate referendum, which would increase tuition by $27.20 per semester, aims to create a fund benefiting […] More

  • How Advances In Science Are Advancing The Pro-life Movement

    Pro-abortionists have historically used science as a tool to argue that babies can be aborted because they are merely clumps of cells up until 28 weeks of pregnancy, but advancements in science are changing how abortion advocates and pro-lifers argue their cause. Published in the Atlantic, Emma Green’s Thursday article, “Science Is Giving the Pro-Life […] More