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  • Obama Releases Disgusting Statement After Chauvin Verdict, Further Dividing America By Race


    Former President Barack Obama took the guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin to do what he does best; further inflame racial tensions and divide America along racial lines. His disgusting statement was released shorty after the verdict was read: “Today, a jury did the right thing,” Obama wrote. “For almost a year, George Floyd’s death under […] More

  • WATCH: Obama Admits To Killing “Inordinate Amount” Of Innocent Civilians With Drone Strikes Without Even Batting And Eye


    Barack Obama is on his book tour for A Promised Land now four years after leaving office. During his latest interview days ago on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert he was asked about his vastly expanded drone strikes (setting a record far and above that of the prior Bush administration) as a preferred method of taking out America’s ‘enemies’. But it’s very well-documented […] More

  • George Bush Hospitalized; Is His Health Failing?

    Former President George H.W. Bush was hospitalized at Methodist Hospital in Houston over the weekend for shortness of breath, his spokesman said Wednesday. Jim McGrath said the 41st president – who is 92 years old – is responding well to treatments. “Doctors and everyone are very pleased, and we hope to have him out soon,” […] More