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  • Rubio HUMILIATES Liberal CNN After They Call Him A Bad Christian for Insulting Castro [Video]

    Marco Rubio called Obama’s speech about Castro’s death ‘pathetic’. CNN’s Dana Bash tried to imply that insulting Castro made Marco Rubio a bad Christian. But Rubio did not take the bait. “Senator, you called President Obama ‘pathetic’ for offering condolences to Fidel Castro’s family, but, you know, he wasn’t the only world leader to do […] More

  • What Do Basketball And Guerrilla Warfare Have In Common?

    Though baseball is the de facto national sport of Cuba, the country’s leader Fidel Castro was a passionate player of a different game: basketball. The 6-foot-3-inch future dictator was a fiercely competitive player during his high school years at El Colegio de Beléna in Havana, devoting more of his energies to basketball, baseball, track and […] More