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  • Hogg’s Latest Anti-Gun Garbage BLOWS UP In His Face When The NRA Points Out His Critical Mistake!


    Bear with me, but I almost want to give David Hogg some credit. Despite becoming a literal human punching bag for everyone from holocaust survivors to schoolmate Kyle Kashuv, Hogg persistently continues to push his leftist narratives at any given opportunity. If his messages weren’t such nonsensical garbage, I would probably give him some semblance of credit. Hogg’s latest attempt […] More

  • Feds Spend YOUR Tax Dollars Studying Parents Who Let Their Kids Drink Soda

    The National Institutes of Health is spending over $30,000 for a study of parents who let their teenagers drink soda. The grant is supporting a dissertation on SSBs—sugar-sweetened beverages. The goal of the project is to understand parenting practices that influence “the rampant SSB consumption” in America, according to the researcher. “Adolescence is an important […] More