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  • WATCH: Obese, Anti-Capitalist SJW Explains The Term “Obesity” Was ‘A Made-Up Term’ By Racists


    Not sure why I’m posting this one. Normally I wouldn’t care about some idiot SJW posting videos online, crying about people shaming them for being fat. But these people are taking over our colleges and corporations, leading the new wave of cancel culture. Anyway, a video posted on Tik Tok shows a person, and I […] More

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  • Slow News Day? Liberal News Outlets Had Nothing Better To Do Than FAT SHAME Trump


    Fox News’ “The Five” called out other networks for fat shaming President Donald Trump on Friday afternoon after his height and weight were released earlier this week. Trump underwent a physical at Walter Reed National Military Medial Center on Thursday, and the presidential physician reported that Trump is 6’3” tall and weighs 243 pounds. He gained […] More

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