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  • Border Patrol Catches Fake ‘Families’ Trying To Cross Border


    According the Customs And Border Patrol, Border Patrol agents in Yuma, Arizona identified fraudulent family units attempting to cross the U.S. border. “Border Patrol agents continue to identify children who are fraudulently used to circumvent our immigration system,” emphasized Yuma Sector Chief Patrol Agent Chris T. Clem. Agents encountered a fake family from Brazil and […] More

  • UPDATE: New Border Strategy Will Help Stop ‘Fake Families’, ‘Child Recycling’ By Criminal Immigrants


    Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced Monday that it is shifting its resources to deal with the influx of “fake families” arriving on the U.S-Mexico border. “Fake families are being formed to cross our border and avoid detention. ICE  is working with  to stop individuals, networks and organizations facilitating child smuggling and document fraud to […] More