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  • Sen. Tom Cotton Warns The Democrats’ H.R.1 Bill Would PERMANENTLY Rig Our Elections


    The Democrats’ “For the People Act” (H.R.1) bill would fully gut election protections in the United States, allowing people to vote without proving who they are or whether they are legally qualified to be in the country. Senator Tom Cotton claims that the Democrats are ignoring the Biden border crisis while trying to weaken election […] More

  • Trump/Putin ‘Looking Forward’ To Summit 2.0 – Invitations For 2019 DC/Moscow Visits Confirmed

    Trump ‘looks forward’ to hosting Putin at the White House for second high-stakes summit after Russian president says he’s ‘ready to go to Washington’ and invites him to MOSCOW Putin made the statement Friday after the Kremlin had been cool to an immediate summit The White House said President Trump is ‘open’ to a Moscow […] More