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  • KY Governor Warns Churchgoers They Will Know Who Goes To Church And FORCE THEM To Quarantine


    Yikes. The Kentucky governor isn’t screwing around with the lockdown. Gov. Beshear just announced new draconian measures to stop the spread of coronavirus. From News Channel 5 in Nashville: Beshear also addressed religious leaders and church members, urging them to stay home this Easter. He said all but about seven churches have agreed not to gather […] More

  • Media Reaches SICKENING New Low, Ambush Robert Mueller At Easter Service!


    “Uh, no comment.” An NBC reporter has been criticized for ambushing Robert Mueller with a microphone and camera crew outside an Easter Sunday service in Washington, D.C. As the former special counsel tried to get into his minivan to leave, congressional correspondent Mike Viqueira hounded him with questions about his report on Russian meddling in […] More