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  • Nancy Pelosi Caught Tricking Her Own Donors With A Deceptive Promise


    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s campaign committee has repeatedly promised her donors she would personally match their financial contributions, but so far she has not matched a single cent, according to a report. Pelosi has been using a popular deceptive tactic that is used in political fundraising to gather more donations. The tactic, which promise donation-matching, […] More

  • The IRS Actually Gave Up A Little Power – Of Course, Big Government Liberals Are LIVID


    Last week’s announcement by the IRS that it would no longer require most nonprofit organizations to provide the agency with the names and addresses of their donors is remarkable for two reasons: First, for the rare sight of the IRS voluntarily giving up some power and, second, for the reaction of the progressive Left and left-wing media. […] More

  • More Than Half Of Clinton’s Campaign Donors Are Ineligible To Do So Under Foreign Cash Ban

    Over half of the Clinton Foundation’s donors would be ineligible to donate money to the foundation under new guidelines that would bar foreign and corporate donations if Hillary Clinton is elected president, according to a new analysis by The Washington Post. The Post’s analysis found that “53 percent of donors who gave $1 million or more to the charity […] More