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  • Lebron James Calls President Trump A ‘Dictator Who Hates Equality’, Trump Responds And Proves Lebron Wrong


    After taking a stand for harmony and togetherness by wearing black sneaker and white sneakers with the word “Equality” written on them, to a game in Washington, DC, on Sunday night. NBA star LeBron James took a decidedly less conciliatory tone, in his post-game comments about President Trump. James said, “Obviously I’ve been very outspoken and well […] More

  • Venezuela Messes Up BIG TIME…Trump Is Quick To Respond With Sanctions

    President Donald Trump on Friday signed an executive order to impose new financial sanctions on the Venezuelan government, which his administration considers a “dictatorship.” The new sanctions stop short of a full oil embargo but nevertheless constitute a tough measure that will put further pressure on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, the Washington Post reports. The […] More