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  • HYPOCRISY: California Dems. Allege Voter FRAUD, Call For VOTER ID! It’s Not Racist When The Dems Do It…

    Earlier this month, we highlighted a popcorn-worthy story of former DNC workers suing the Democratic Party — ostensible champions of the little guy — over sub-minimum wage salaries, and an alleged refusal to offer overtime pay. This story out of California may be even richer. You may have heard that the state party’s annual convention was marred by discord and […] More

  • Judge Napolitano Warns of MASSIVE FBI Rebellion on Eve of DNC… “Saturday Night Massacre”

    Fox News senior legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano speculated there could be a serious storm brewing in Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s future, and the timing couldn’t be worse. He referred to a possibly incriminating email Clinton failed to release to the State Department that was of “critical importance.” The judge appeared on Fox Business […] More