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  • WATCH: Candice Owens Visits an Immigration Center and EXPOSES The LIES of AOC and the Left


    Truth-teller, Candice Owens, has posted a video that has now gone viral.  After visiting an ICE immigration center she proclaims “it’s nicer than every school I attended!”. “Here is the truth America: ICE Immigration centers are nicer than public schools. I went to school in Connecticut and the Broward County ICE center is nicer than […] More

  • CRAZY! Sacramento Coalition Training Volunteers To Interfere With Ice Raids

    The Sacramento Immigration Coalition is training volunteers to identify Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids, and to aid the illegal aliens targeted by federal agents. The Sacramento Bee reports the Coalition has “trained about 60 volunteers,” all of whom will film ICE raids, write down first-hand accounts, and provide illegal aliens with options for legal […] More