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  • Ukraine Makes Preparations For FULL-ON Russian Invasion


    KYIV, Ukraine—Sunday’s Kerch Strait crisis underscored how quickly Russia’s simmering, 4.5-year-old, low-intensity war against Ukraine could escalate into a historic catastrophe. “Yesterday we were close to war. In fact, war happened,” Capt. Andrii Ryzhenko, the Ukrainian navy’s deputy chief of staff for Euro-Atlantic integration, told The Daily Signal on Monday. On Sunday, Russian ships fired […] More

  • BREAKING: Russia Instigates War After Opening Fire On Ukrainian Military Ship


    Tensions flared Sunday in the Black Sea as Russia and Ukraine traded accusations in a situation that escalated over the course of the day. As of Sunday afternoon, Ukraine’s navy said Russia fired on what Ukraine said was a small armored artillery ship, the U.K. Independent reported. At least one person was wounded, according to Britain’s Sky News. […] More