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  • BREAKING: Parler Is Back

    YES! YUGE!

    Parler, the Conservative social media company partly owned by Dan Bongino, is officially back online. Despite the attempts of the cabal of Amazon Web Services, Google, Apple, and many other high tech monsters to take it down, Parler has been brought back to life. Parler was falsely blamed as being the hub on which the […] More

  • BREAKING: Conservative Icon Rush Limbaugh Diagnosed With Advanced Stage Cancer


    The legend of talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, just announced on his radio show that he’s been diagnosed with advanced stage lung cancer: Rush Limbaugh just announced he’s been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.#RushLimbaugh @KMOV — Matt Chambers (@WeatherChambers) February 3, 2020 Rush Limbaugh just announced on his radio program he has been diagnosed with advanced […] More

  • EXPOSED: Google Just Got Caught CENSORING Conservative News And Media

    Analysis from the Daily Caller shows that Google’s new fact-checking feature, which displays “fact-checks” next to allegedly disputed stories in search results, almost exclusively targets conservative media. It’s already been a bad week for Google: explosive information released in James Damore’s class action lawsuit has revealed an atmosphere of extreme progressive bias at the company, complete with […] More