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  • Trump Slams Mueller And FBI For In-action Against Huma Abedin, Who Lied During Investigation

    After it was revealed that a top FBI agent was removed from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation for anti-Trump bias, numerous questions have surfaced about the agent’s involvement in both the Mueller investigation and the Clinton email investigation. What’s going on now? Peter Strzok, the demoted FBI agent, personally interviewed the main players in both the FBI’s investigation […] More

  • New Investigation! Hillary And Lynch Under Fire…You Wont Believe What They Are Accused Of

    When Democrats were calling for James Comey to testify before Congress, a number of Republicans warned them to be careful what they wished for. After all, this is the man they blame (when it’s convenient) for Hillary Clinton’s election loss. Comey’s comments about Loretta Lynch and the Hillary Clinton “matter” have raised a few eyebrows on […] More