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  • Pathetic: Another CEO Bites The Dust Over College Admission Scandal


    Operation Varsity Blues has claimed another handful of high-profile individuals including a woman whose company developed Hot Pockets. From Daily Caller: Just over a dozen defendants accused of paying off college officials, test proctors and coaches are set to appear in court Friday in Boston Among them is Michelle Janavs, an executive in the family food […] More

  • Guess Which Whiny Liberal Just Found Himself Under FBI Investigation For College Admissions Fraud!


    Candace Owens has called on the FBI to investigate the Harvard admission of David Hogg, alleging that the Parkland High School student’s application may have been fraudulent.Owens, a conservative activist and director of Turning Point USA, took to Twitter on Wednesday asking if the feds should look into anti-gun activist Hogg’s college admission.The calls by Owens came in response […] More