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  • What’s Up With Democrats ATTACKING CHILDREN? NY Dem Openly Threatens Conservative Teen!


    The party of infanticide and child sexploitation is now officially also the party of threatening teenagers. Case in point: On Tuesday a powerful 26-year Democrat congressional veteran who chairs the House Small Business Committee told a 16-year-old boy he should be afraid of her. New York Rep. Nydia Velázquez posted the threatening message to conservative activist CJ Pearsonafter the 16-year-old prodigy made fun of […] More

  • THERE IS HOPE! Young Republican Just Knocked Out David Hogg


    David Hogg just got knocked out. Conservative teenager CJ Pearson tore into Hogg after the pro-gun control student organized a boycottof Fox News host Laura Ingraham over a tweet. Pearson’s advice to Hogg: “Grow up or get out of the kitchen if it’s too hot for you.” [email protected] wants to be a public figure, tear the […] More