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  • After Being Outed Having A Sexual Relationship With A Chinese Spy, Eric Swalwell Tries To Blame Trump


    On Monday, Axios revealed a yearlong investigation into allegations that a Chinese national, Christine Fang, developed close relationships with U.S. politicians as a way to gain access to and influence U.S. political circles. Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell has responded to claims that he was one of the politicians who was involved with the Chinese spy and, instead of accepting […] More

  • COVID-19 Outbreak Is The Chinese Governments Fault…So No, Trump Isn’t Being Racist

    As the entire world grapples with the effects of the COVID-19 virus, now that Americans are beginning to panic, they want someone to blame. Maybe it’s Trump, maybe it’s the Democrats, whoever. But only one entity is responsible for what’s happening right now: the Chinese government. Philip Sherwell, The Times: Chinese laboratories identified a mystery virus […] More