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  • The Former CEO of Starbucks Says He May Run For ‘Public Office’ – Is He Thinking of Taking on Trump in 2020?


    Howard Schultz told CBS News in his final interview as chairman of Starbucks that his future “perhaps,” will include a run for public office. From Breitbart: “I’m thinking about a lot of things. I said publicly that perhaps one of them will be public office, but there’s a lot of things I could do, perhaps to […] More

  • The CEO of The World’s Largest Meat Packing Plant Was Just ARRESTED…The Reason Why Is INSANE!

    Police have arrested the CEO of the world’s largest meatpacker on suspicion of manipulating financial markets. Police and a representative of meatpacking giant JBS say Wesley Batista was taken into custody on Wednesday in Sao Paulo. Batista and his brother Joesley, the former chairman of JBS, have both entered plea bargain agreements in which they […] More

  • Top DNC Officials Call It Quits

    Leadership at the Democrat National Committee has been in turmoil since the leak of nearly 20,000 emails showing widespread corruption within the party and attempts to sabotage Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign in favor of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The chief executive of the committee, Amy Dacey, resigned on Tuesday because of the scandal, […] More