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  • Jon Voight Calls Joe Biden EVIL: ‘We Must Elect Donald Trump To Save America’


    Veteran Hollywood star Jon Voight delivered a powerful video message on Friday night, urging the United States to reelect President Donald Trump in order to save the nation from Democrat ‘evil.’ Voight shared the two-minute video on Twitter Friday with the simple caption: ‘Evil.’ In the video, the 81-year-old actor immediately slams the Democratic presidential nominee and the liberal […] More

  • POLL: Is Steve Harvey an Honorable Man?

    The legendary comedian Steve Harvey was personally asked by Ben Carson to help clean up America’s inner cities since he, himself, grew up in them. He thought this was a great opportunity to give back to his community and make a real difference. Read the full story here. The Left is outraged at Harvey for […] More

  • Trump Receives Another MAJOR African-American Endorsement

    Donald Trump has received another major endorsement from the celebrity world this week. We all know the liberal media always assumes famous black celebrities are Democrats… This made for for quite the awkward moment. During a recent press conference, the media thought they’d be able to take some shots at Trump by asking NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal his opinion of […] More

  • Is The Battle For America Lost?

    Here in America we have a battle going on. Its a battle for America. If we want to keep America we must be prepared to fight for her because we’ve lost her almost completely. We the people were never even in the game this time because we were always being kept diverted from what’s really […] More