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  • Fidel Castro Was a ‘Monster’ Who Left Blood of Innocents In His Wake

    It is never a sad day when a monster dies. Fidel Castro, the mass murderer who sadistically tormented the Cuban people for nearly fifty years, died on Friday at the age of 90. Thousands of Cuban exiles understandably celebrated in the streets of Miami. Leftists around the world, meanwhile, dutifully mourned their fallen secular deity. Progressives always […] More

  • Pope Francis Talks About ‘Sad News’ of Castro’s Death

    Pope Francis sent a telegram to Cuban President Raúl Castro Saturday, expressing his “sentiments of sorrow” over the death of Raúl’s brother, former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. “On receiving the sad news of the death of your dear brother, His Excellency Mister Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, former president of the State Council and of the Government of […] More