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  • The Left-Wing Cancel Culture Cancels Itself

    YES! YUGE!

    Remember the good old days when left-wingers who got mad at you would simply file frivolous lawsuits that were typically more annoying than anything else? Occasionally, one of these brainiacs would just SWAT you in hopes you would be mistakenly shot and killed by some innocent policeman. Somehow those days seem like a pleasant memory […] More

  • Inside Source Says Hillary SCARED and SICK; Talk Of CANCELING Debates!

      On Tuesday Hillary Clinton canceled her campaign fundraiser in North Carolina. The campaign offered no explanation for the cancellation. Hillary Clinton canceled several events after she collapsed at Ground Zero on 9-11. The campaign said she had overheated, the flu, pneumonia. On Saturday night Hillary looked exhausted, drained while speaking with reporters on the terrorist bombing in New York City […] More