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  • University Professor Gets Suspended For Using Chinese Word That SOUNDS Like A Racial Slur During Lesson


    Greg Patton is a professor of clinical business communication at the University of Southern California. During a recent virtual classroom session, he was discussing public speaking patterns and the filler words that people use to space out their ideas: um, er, etc. Patton mentioned that the Chinese often use a word that is pronounced like nega. “In China […] More

  • SNOWFLAKE ALERT: Academic DEMANDING We “Stop Labeling People Who Commit Crimes ‘Criminals,’”

    Add “criminal” to the growing list of words banished from the English language. In an article titled, “Stop labeling people who commit crimes ‘criminals,’” Kimberley Brownlee, a philosopher at the University of Warwick, calls the word an “epithet”—more commonly used to describe a term conveying something disparaging rather than its alternative definition as merely a neutral tag—and […] More