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  • ALERT: Federal Law Enforcement Searching For Man Attempting To ASSASSINATE President Trump


    Federal law enforcement officials are looking for an individual who has threatened to assassinate President Trump. The man is also wanted in Pennsylvania for multiple offenses. According to The Daily Caller: The FBI, U.S. Secret Service, and U.S. Marshals are currently searching for a man who is accused of making threats to assassinate President Trump. Shawn Richard […] More

  • BREAKING: Hillary Clinton’s Hired ASSASSIN Confesses – She Wanted To KILL Bill’s Rape Accusers!

    The truth about Bill and Hillary Clinton must be heard. These are more than just reckless, bleeding heart liberals with a bad political plan for America. These are villains, plain and simple. They have lied, cheated, and killed their way to the top. And that certainly won’t change, should Hillary become president. Throughout this election, […] More