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  • Vatican REELING As Second Official Confirms Damning Allegations Against Pope


    A monsignor who worked at the apostolic nunciature to the United States has corroborated an explosive report accusing Pope Francis of rehabilitating Cardinal Theodore McCarrick despite knowing of his record of homosexual abuse of priests and seminarians. Contacted by the Catholic News Agency (CNA), Monsignor Jean-François Lantheaume, the former first counselor at the apostolic nunciature […] More

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  • One Of The Vatican’s Own Speaks Out Against The Pope – ‘He Knew, And He Did NOTHING!’


    Progressive Pope Francis is in a pool of piping hot water, thanks to a former Vatican official who has come forward with damning testimony, claiming that Pope Francis has been part of the sex abuse coverup. CBS A former Vatican ambassador to the U.S. said Sunday that he told Pope Francis in 2013 about allegations […] More

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