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  • A Trump-Hating Just Has Set Free The Violent Man Who Shot Ronald Reagan While Peaceful Jan 6 Protesters Rot In Cages


    An anti-Trump judge announced on Monday that he intends to set free John Hinckley Jr. – the man who shot President Ronald Reagan over four decades ago. U.S. District Court Judge Paul L. Friedman, who attacked Trump in 2019 for publicly criticizing political judges such as himself, announced that all of Hinckley’s remaining restrictions next […] More

  • Trump Hating Judge Gets Suspended Without Pay Over Anti-Trump Comments


    The Supreme Court of Utah upheld a six-month suspension without pay for a municipal judge who disparaged President Donald Trump on social media and during official judicial proceedings. Taylorsville Justice Court Judge Michael Kwan undermined public confidence in the courts by intervening in the political process, the state Supreme Court concluded. “Fulfillment of judicial duties […] More