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  • Unchecked Never-Trumpers’ Violence – Why Leftist Americans Are The REAL Terrorists

    Today is the 365th day after President Trump was elected president.  Yet like a few Japanese soldiers after World War II, there are still pockets of holdouts who refuse to accept Trump’s leadership. Some holdouts can be found among professors on college campuses, where the feminist culture remains scornful of President Trump.  Other holdouts are […] More

  • Media Should Stop Fabricating BS On Trump And Crack Down On This One REAL THREAT To America

    There is an article each week about some left-wing professor spouting some nonsensical theory that denigrates American society, portraying a dystopian nightmare filled with a white patriarchal system of oppression, hell bent on terrorizing women, minorities, and anything else non-white male. Townhall has written multiple articles about such professors. One reader asked why is it […] More