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  • BREAKING: Trump Just Dealt a DEATH BLOW To Obamacare With New Executive Order

    With the stroke of a pen, President Trump has, effectively, killed what’s left of Obamacare. President Donald Trump announced executive changes to Obamacare on Thursday, signing an executive order to open up the health insurance market. The president said he wanted to increase healthcare options for Americans to experience Obamacare relief — even after Senate Republicans failed […] More

  • BREAKING: Trump Just Promised WAR Against Republican TRAITORS On Obamacare Repeal

    With the future of Obamacare replacement legislation very much in limbo — with new signs of movement still cropping up — conservative activists’ attention has turned to a pair of potential executive actions President Trump could take to alter the trajectory of the failing law.  Each action would be entirely defensible from a legal standpoint, as both entail ending Obama-era […] More