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  • Pakistan is TERRIFIED…Begs USA For More Aid

    The Pakistani government, facing pressure from U.S. President Donald Trump to stop supporting jihadists fighting and killing American troops in Afghanistan, intends to closely collaborate with the United States to end to 16-year-old war, according to Islamabad’s ambassador to the United States. In an interview with USA Today, Pakistani Amb. Aizaz Chaudhry noted that Islamabad […] More

  • Trump Unleashes New Plan To Defeat Terrorist SCUM And Save US 45 Billion Per Year Spent In Afghanistan

    President Trump unveiled his plan for Afghanistan after seven months of deliberation Monday evening, announcing tweaks around the edges of the current strategy instead of a different approach. He announced five “core pillars” to the approach: getting rid of any timelines for how long U.S. troops would remain in Afghanistan; using all elements of power, […] More