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  • 94% Of Doctors In Belgium Support Abortion AFTER Birth, Which Is Actually Just Murder…

    Belgium is so far to the Left that they aren’t just “pro-choice”, they are “pro-murder”. These are the policies the Left want to bring to America. More than 9 in 10 Belgian physicians support infanticide, or what is called “after-birth abortion,” for babies born with a non-fatal disability, a new research paper revealed. Approximately 94% of neonatologists […] More

  • Elizabeth Warren’s Latest Campaign Promise Shows Just How Bad She’s Trying To Stay Afloat!


    Like many of the Democrats looking to challenge President Trump in 2020, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is not happy with recent pro-life laws passed by states like Alabama. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey recently signed a bill into law that made abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy illegal. Several other states like George have introduced “heartbeat” […] More