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  • Democrats HATE Trump’s Amazing New Budget That Would Slash Trillions In Wasteful Spending And Boost America!


    The White House on Sunday unveiled a $4.8 trillion budget proposal that would slash spending dramatically on foreign aid and social safety nets, while including $2 billion for a southern border wall and substantially boosting funding to NASA, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Homeland Security. Fox News has confirmed the details of the budget, which The Wall Street […] More

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  • Trump Won’t Stop ‘Til It’s Built – Requests $8.6 Billion For Border Wall In 2020 Budget


    President Donald Trump will try a third time to get the funding needed to build his signature anti-illegal immigration measure, a complete wall across the United States’ southern border. This time, though, the President will up the ane, requesting a staggering $8.6 billion to finish major sections of the wall, and begin construction in earnest […] More

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