Almost 100% of Texans Want Police to Ask About Immigration Status During Questioning

A large majority of both Republicans and Democrats in Texas think police officers should be permitted to check the immigration status of someone they arrest, according to an annual poll from non-partisan leadership organization Texas Lyceum.

Overall, 93 percent of respondents said immigration status should be checked when a person is arrested for a crime, with 99 percent of self-identified Republicans and 88 percent of Democrats expressing support for such a policy.

Immigration checks received much less support in specific situations: during traffic stops, reports of criminal activity, or witness statements. Only 43 percent of all respondents said that police should check immigration status during a routine traffic stop; 40 percent said that it should be checked when a person is reporting a crime; and just 39 percent said that status should be checked when officers suspect that a person is a witness to a crime or could provide a statement.

For the first time in its 11-year history, the Texas Lyceum poll focused specifically on public attitudes about immigration policy, a subject of intense national debate under the Trump administration. The poll found that 27 percent of Texans think immigration or border security is the state’s most pressing problem, ranking the issue ahead of the economy, political corruption and healthcare.

“The issue of immigration reform and enforcement presents numerous challenges for elected officials — including costs, public safety, public health, employment and border security,” Texas Lyceum President Renard Johnson said in statement. “And it will always be of chief concern to Texans, who live along the country’s second largest international border next to Alaska.”

The poll of 1,000 Texans was conducted from April 3-9 and addressed many immigration-related questions including President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall and immigration checks in the workplace. The results show predictable partisan divisions and also some surprising disagreements with key aspects of the Trump administration’s immigration enforcement policies.

On the question of whether immigration generally hurts or helps the country, 39 percent of Texas Republicans said it hurts more than it helps, while 79 percent of Democrats felt the opposite. The percentage of Hispanics who said immigration helps increased by 12 points, from 59 percent to 71 percent.

A question about sanctuary cities, where local government officials limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities, also yielded a sharp partisan split. Texas Republicans opposed sanctuary policies by a 60-point margin over Democrats — 86 percent to 26 percent.

Trump’s border wall was not particularly popular among all Texans — only 35 percent approved of a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border even though nearly three-fourths of those surveyed said they were extremely or somewhat concerned about illegal immigration.

Surprisingly, the percentage of Hispanic respondents that supported construction of the wall rose from 18 percent in 2016 to 25 percent this year.

(via: Daily Caller)

20 comments on “Almost 100% of Texans Want Police to Ask About Immigration Status During Questioning
  1. geraldcuvillier on said:

    Well duh! If anyone does not think this is a priority, they have been living under a rock for the last fifty years.

  2. Gerry B on said:

    absoolutely in canada our part time so-called pm/ tourist agent a hole should the very least check them most have criminal records , he likes the UN SO MUCH PLEASE LEAVE N JOIN THEM , GO NOW , LEAVE OUR JET N CHEQUE BOOK HERE TAKE THE FKG TRAIN GOOF

  3. If they are not here legally, why are they driving? Where did they get their license to drive? Where is their insurance? Ask away.
    Only the ILLEGALS will be offended.

    • Loriesrittenhouse on said:

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    • Wynette Atkins on said:

      That’s correct. Texas doesn’t issue Drivers Licenses to Illegal Immigrants. No Drivers License no Insurance in Texas

    • Oh boy the lights are going on. Its about time. Then put them on hard labour. The women can grow vegetables to feed the prisoners and the men can break rocks to make bigger prisons. Once they have done their time and illegal immigration becomes unfashionable turn the prisons into workshops to produce something useful and invite young entrepreneur to start manufacturing businesses.

    • TexasBlonde51 on said:

      They do not have a driver’s license nor do they have insurance of any type because they cannot be insured with no driver’s license.

      • Jean Hamann on said:

        It doesn’t matter, if they drive drunk, nothing happens to them. Even if they kill a couple of people. This started real bad about 8 yrs ago.

        • TexasBlonde51 on said:

          The police or sheriff is supposed to report them to ICE to be deported. Maybe that will happen now instead of ICE officers being told to leave them alone. I do not care if they are deported 50 times, they are going to run out of money to get back into the US at some point in time.

          Guess who really did not want them deported 8 years ago. His initial are short for body odor but that is not a reflection on him or saying he has an odor. Obama did not want border patrol to deport them back to their home country.

  4. Tiger on said:

    Well Yeh I mean what the hay. Of course they should be questioned. Good grief. We go through some stuff when stopped they need an enema to get all out of them.

  5. Linda Dixon LaRosa Theis on said:

    These people do not want to become Americans and live by our laws and cultures, I watched Miami Florida go to HELL I lived in CA and saw what was going on it is like you live in another country. NOT THE USA. I LOVE THE USA and I do not want our laws and Constitution changed by people that are illegal.

    • Wynette Atkins on said:

      If they are illegally here, they all need to go. Illegal Criminals first. Rest can self-deport under E-Verify. Also no more Anchor Babies given Citizenship here, if parents here illegally! If you are in Mexico Illegally you can get sentenced to 5 years in jail. And no other Country allows for Citizenship to be granted to babies; just because their parents were in their Countries, let alone in them illegally.

      • mrpoohead on said:

        “Anchor babies” – more conspiracy theory. If born to illegal parents the result is also illegal!

        If born to legal working parents then child can claim citizenship of parents home country and were residing. I know of a couple whose kids can claim nationality of five countries. Get out more and read facts not BS and hyperbole!

    • TexasBlonde51 on said:

      At least this time when they marched they flew American flags instead of the flag of Mexico. Flying the Mexican flag did not gain supporters for them to be able to stay here. If you want to stay Mexican, stay in Mexico! Do not come to the US illegally.

  6. I set here every day hearing them being stopped with no drivers licence so can’t have insurance! I have to show a drivers licence and proof of Insurance to licence or regester my car. We would be much better off being illegal. Exept I am a Citizen so I go to Jail! They go home!

    • Jean Hamann on said:

      We are already paying billions per year on Illegals in jail. It goes on and on. I don’t know who the Libs think should be paying for it all.

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  8. Americans go to another country we have to keep our id and passport on our body at all times just in case, why should non citizens expect the same except our own government does not expect it from them
    that is consider profiling they will protect anyone accept it’s own American citizens

  9. Jean Hamann on said:

    What the hell is going on? The Libs are making their own rules, telling us what to do and all we do is put up with it.!! We had better get busy and figure this mess out.

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