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WOW: Obama Orders Life-Sized Bronze Statute of Himself To Be Permanently Installed in White House

In a final move before leaving the White House for good, Barack Obama has made one last effort to mock President Trump.. by forcing him to stare at his ugly mug for the next 4 to 8 years.

Via Empire News:

President Obama has ordered a $200,000, life-sized, bronze statue of himself, with plans to install it in the entryway of the White House. The president says that his legacy “should not be diminished,” and that this is the only way he can “keep an eye” over Trump, as well as future presidents.

“I have been president for only eight years, and in that time, I have done what no other presidents could do in all their time in total,” said Obama. “I have created a legacy that should not be diminished. I have created something that no future president will be able to do. In that regard, I have commissioned this statute, with plans to have it permanently erected in the entryway of the White House, so that all who enter can remember me fondly.”

The statue will not be allowed to be removed, as every president is allowed to leave one thing in the White House that must never be touched by future presidents. William Howard Taft left his giant bathtub. Bill Clinton left one of his saxophones. George W. Bush left a piece of mirror and a rolled up hundred.

349 comments on “WOW: Obama Orders Life-Sized Bronze Statute of Himself To Be Permanently Installed in White House
    • Cheryl McGuire Simpson on said:

      Good idea! What makes me mad is that it’s our tax dollars paying for it. They’ve been spending our hard tax dollars on themselves since day one and look at how far in debt we are. Now he’s going to spend another$200,000 for a bronze statue. He is so self centered and selfish. And my poor Daddy is 80 and is still working just like so many other seniors, because the government stoled our social security money. What’s wrong with this picture?

      • Richard on said:

        Every President and every other politician when retiring needs to go out with the same benefits they all impose on us with NO SPECIAL benefits. They need to live on Social Security, Obama Care insurance, Food stamps and medicare just like us. If this was mandated watch how our seniors benefits would be boosted.

  1. Tpatriot on said:

    Cover the statue with a Confederate Flag. And, place two or three little bronze piglets at the feet of the statue.

  2. wild life artist on said:

    They should put it in the tool shed or mail it back to him just like obama mailed winstein Churchill bust back to England

  3. The ass has done about everything he could do to screw us. If there was one thing he could be proud of I have not heard of it! This as about as crappy as anything he has done! I was disgusted withe Metals nobody earned. But this is worse. Can’t touch it? There has to be a closet somewhere it could be displayed!

  4. Brad Becker on said:

    Makes a good Hat rack. Be fun to decorate for it Halloween and Christmas. Paint it like a zombie or horns and dress him like the devil for Halloween ,
    Put an Elf out fit on it for Christmas, or Turn him into a shepherd for the Christmas White House Creche nativity scene.

  5. Marjorie Lee Peterson on said:

    The trash is where the Obama statue belongs. Maybe they can’t remove it, but they can throw a tarp over it and improve on the looks of it. That is one ugly statue!

  6. meangreenMarine on said:

    This self-serving, pompous, overbearing twit should think before doing something this asinine! Most Americans want him to leave the whole Washington area or the whole Country if they had a choice! If he’s serious about this, I hope atrump puts it in the Ladies Room where it would belong!

  7. Brad Becker on said:

    Oh you could have allot of fun with it. Place him in side of the men’s restroom or the Woman’s since he believes people should use the toilet that they choose.,

  8. Pamela Forester on said:

    Wonder if it can be removed, melted down and the money returned to the taxpayers when he’s found guilty of treason.

  9. Frank Collins on said:

    I am not sure what scrap Bronze is worth but,I would have it melted down and along with it,his memory.I would then subtract this amount from his first yearly retirement check.

  10. Peggy Smith on said:

    OMG! I have never seen such a bigoted fat head.. This neanderthal has got to be out of his friggin’ mind. I want to know who died and made him god?

  11. Brendajanetorres on said:

    Wasn’t their something in the Bible about the Antichrist having a likeness of himself made, and through it he would speak…?!!!

  12. Denise Lee on said:

    He might have the right to leave one thing behind like the other presidents did but does he have the right to place it at the front door of the Whitehouse. If so, put a golf club in his hand and a lei around his neck with luggage sitting at his feet. It will look like he’s leaving for vacation. lol That will be his legacy. His many vacations and his time on the golf course while Isis is trying to take over the world.

  13. CFHenderson on said:

    Use it as a coat rack. Since it can’t be removed from the vote house maybe they could just move it to a closet.

  14. Trump should throw that pile of shit out of the house. Homo did not do a dam thing for America all homo did was waste money on vacations for homo’s husband and gave trillions to his butt brothers. Homo is a traitor and needs to be put in front of a firing squad for treason.

  15. Twin1by4 on said:

    We’ve seen/heard enough of that narcissistic human these last 8 years – if I was Trump, I’d have it hauled off!

  16. Richard on said:

    Every President and every politician when retiring needs to go out with the same benefits they all impose on the American people with NO SPECIAL benefits. They need to live on Social Security, Obama Care insurance, Food stamps and medicare just like us. If this was made a mandate watch how our seniors benefits would be boosted.

  17. pwebster on said:

    If it can’t be removed, I would find some way to cover it up with plants or covering of some sort.
    Yes he did what no one else has done and that is put us in more debt than ever. Plus he has created more division in our country than anyone else. That is some legacy!

  18. Maria Flores on said:

    Whoever he had or hired to do this statue of him really over charged for
    their services! Not only is it ugly and I mean very ugly it does not
    look like him they really ripped him off! Now if his statue is there
    then we the people since it is our tax money that he used deserve to
    have all of the other PRESIDENTS there too he is no one special to just
    have his made up, it was our money that he used and therefore we should
    request Mr. Trump to order all of the other President statutes to be
    made and put right next to obama’s!


    the short time since Donald Trump and Mike Pence were elected, they’ve
    shown they’re ready to do nearly anything to trample on the rights of
    women and girls around the world.

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    been in years. And this inauguration is a chance to have our voices
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    growth and climate change. We’re
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    loud. We’re organized. And we’re ready to fight you every step of the

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    • Patsy Phillips on said:

      You could march for the President-elect and show the American spirit. For going against America I hope you are all arrested!

  19. Tumbleweed on said:

    Pit in a storage space with all the other useless stuff in the basement!
    Other option, bury it under the bowling alleys!

  20. Maria Flores on said:

    Whoever he had or hired to do this statue of him really over charged for
    their services! Not only is it ugly and I mean very ugly it does not
    look like him they really ripped him off! Now if his statue is there
    then we the people since it is our tax money that he used deserve to
    have all of the other PRESIDENTS there too he is no one special to just
    have his made up, it was our money that he used and therefore we should
    request Mr. Trump to order all of the other President statutes to be
    made and put right next to obama’s!

  21. Maria Flores on said:

    The bad thing about this stupid statue is that it cost 200,000 and it was the tax payers money, again he just goes around using our money and throwing it away on shit, as if though it is his money to throw away. I can bet you if if was his money he would of not ordered this ugly looking statue!!

  22. chipper13 on said:

    Obama removed Winston Churchill’s Bust and sent it to the British Embassy. Trump should follow suit and give it to the Kenyan Embassy.

  23. disqus_W47gpHId63 on said:


  24. Lorraine on said:

    This has to be fake news right? Nobody could be that completely narcissist to do this of yourself right? Well nobody in their right mind anyway.

  25. Greg Day on said:

    Trump has a pen and a phone too and can have it removed by Executive order, which ovomit is so fond of, have it melted down for scrap, take the pennies on the dollar for it & place it BACK into the US Treasury!!!

    • afftongrown on said:

      I doubt that once melted down again, that statue willbe worth anything. Bettr to find an Obama lover and sell it to them!

  26. Suzdelia on said:

    Well, I believe, we the people should demand that a statue of every President should be Placed within the White House…..that is only fair…..Trump also should place his order. Oh, yes, he has committed more Treasonous actions that any other and that should be a sign placed in front of his image. So, Yes, he had done what no other president has done and he has been involved with more killings for he helped to form ISIS and of course there is Benghazi and the weapons sent to ISIS….Oh yes, he is a Wonder!!! Evidentally, we cannot stop the disgusting, so we must request order of Statues for all Past Presidents and Future Presidents. God Bless and Protect our America.

  27. simplesticks on said:

    Its Trumps house now and he can redecorate anytime he wants to. When the racist monster obama got into the white house, he sent back a bust of Churchill to the stunned UK. Trump can move that abomination to the basement if he wants to. I would. I dont think i belive this anyway, it sounds fake.

  28. Lorraine Boyer on said:

    It’s so easy to throw a blanket over the thing and just ignore it. I believe the architect of the capital area can solve that problem very easily. Should be just as easy as it was for oblamo to send the bust of Winston Churchill back to England. There are ships and planes going to Kenya every day. On second thought I wouldn’t doubt the new President throwing it out himself.

  29. Cats111 on said:

    And he’s using Our Money to Pay for it, Just like he did the whole time when he was President. Trump has a good imagination. He’ll think of something Great to do with it.

  30. Christine Sanchez on said:

    Now I really am starting to believe he is the Antichrist. A graven image? That bastard will want people to worship him. I hope lightning strikes the damned thing and melts it to the ground.

  31. Harry Rainey on said:

    Thank God, they make a Glad Bag large enough to slide over that statue, probably has cameras in the eyes. Need to place out in the garden where the pigeons can poop on him.

  32. Disgusted0512 on said:

    Just a narcissistic ass leave it so everyone can remember unlike every other president he accomplished absolutely nothing. Obama was so great at ignoring traditions it will be removed especially if we paid for it. He is an incompetent little child.

  33. reverand on the west coast. on said:

    i think i would put things in front of it and over it and on top of it. there are way to cover and hide things that are ugly.

  34. James Allen Harrell on said:

    Just put it on the lawn with a straw hat bib overalls and a cane pole like he’s going fishing…

  35. corey2444 on said:

    Trump will put jail house bars around it equipped with a bunk and stainless steel toilet, with a prison guard holding a night stick watching over him. Maybe if enough email him, he might add the finishing touch of Buba behind him with his hand on his shoulder.. Well, you get the point..

  36. Janet Aeschliman on said:

    Actually it could prove to be of some value or at least of some convenience ~~~

    Put it in Trump’s personal bathroom and allow it a space of honor in the corner by the sink FEATURE it proudly with a nicely draped hand towel over Barry’s arm .

  37. jerry young on said:

    Just as Obama has removed things like the American flag from the white house so can Trump, it’s bad enough that his picture will hang there along with all the other presidents and it will take years to remove the stench left behind, our taxes will now be spent on Lysol by the barrel

  38. Barbararbatt on said:

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  39. Irene Elizabeth Grooms on said:

    I though we were getting rid of him but he is making sure we don’t miss him after he leaves.. Well its just a statue of hollow man.

  40. munched55✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ on said:

    Except the delivery guys got it wrong and placed it on the front lawn, with it holding an old fashioned lantern.

  41. Bill Reynolds on said:

    He presented to himself the Congressional Medal of Honor, and now this….I wouldn’t want anyone to see it if it was me………Isn’t very flattering….All lips and ears! LOL

  42. James Gilliam on said:

    Let the idiot put it there. Then put a plaque in front of it that says,
    “Finally a president worse than Jimmy Carter”

  43. Mike_Travis on said:

    Ovomit is the most arrogant POS who ever lived. He is also the least deserving of praise of ANY POTUS as he has done more to destroy America than all those who came before him. If it were left to me, the only image I would save of him would be the one taken at his hanging for treason, that being a reminder to those who follow him of what they can expect if they betray us like he did.

  44. Dear Derpy the Wonder Spuds-

    This is fucking SATIRE, you morons. Empire News. Look it up.

    You want Fake News? You’ve just become part of the problem, you retards.

  45. LOL!!!! How funny!!! What a crass bunch of classless Muslims the Obamas are!!! Talk about NARCISSISM! On top of the ridicule that statue will get, it is a pathetically done piece of work…..it is a terrible, terrible piece of art! It is twice as ugly as Obama is. Hopefully, the janitor will get rid of the junk and will be rewarded for his service to our nation!!

  46. jonrmoore on said:

    “Remember me fondly”. Now that is sad that he thinks he will be remembered fondly. This piece of junk stature, if it can’t be moved, should have a tablecloth draped over it.

  47. Invictus_Lux on said:

    put a sign behind it saying “Please tip the house boy”. And use the funds to pay for victims of BLM activists’ violence.

  48. believe on said:


  49. James Maxwell on said:

    It would be a fitting reminder of what a total and completed failure the first Oreo President was. It
    would also remind American Citizens never to trust the politicians who “claim” that a person of
    questionable heritage is actually qualified to be President of the United States of America.
    Race is not an issue but citizenship and qualifications as laid out by the Constitution is mandatory.

  50. Conserned on said:

    just leave a douche bag below it if at any time you visit…or put a trash can in front of it….or a spittoon

  51. Gerald Cline on said:

    Let’s see…?!?!? This is the same guy who had a bust of Winston Churchill removed from the White House and returned to the UK. WTF….

  52. George Williams on said:

    That falls into the category of fake news, folks. The clue should have been the reference to permanency. No president can dictate his wishes beyond his tenure as president.

  53. It may not be able to be removed, but that does not mean it can not be relocated. And since it is in the entry of the White House, it can be consider as a impediment to traffic flow, or even a hazard.

  54. Ginger Grey on said:

    Don’t know if this is really true or not but if it is, I’d have it covered…you know.. to keep the dust off? lol

  55. John the Roofer on said:

    If I was Trump I would move it to the front lawn and add a light to it, it would make a nice lawn jockey

  56. put it outside – in the rain, for the pigeons to roost on. put it on the roof – lightning rod!! put it in the front of the white house entrance and attach a lantern to it. :>)

  57. TeaPartyPatriot on said:

    The image shown does not resemble the 0webomb enough. a fitting lifelike image would be a death mask that is taken by putting plaster of paris over the face until it hardens. An added benefit would be that P of Paris takes about 20 minutes to set and the 0webomb would not be able to breath while making the mask so we could mount the bust post mortem

  58. He thinks he is the true NERO. The evil leader over Babylonia. He has always tried to imitate Nero.. His idol and his goal was to be a King.

  59. He should have been cast with 1/2 of his face white and the other 1/2 black.
    He is trying to cast himself as the first black Pres. And this is to be a reminder to the world forever.. Just like him, everything about him is a lie..


  60. Discochip on said:

    Don’t forget he edited almost every single Presidential Biography online telling us, (and btw Obutthead we don’t really care what you think- about anything), how he would’ve handled the Cuban missile crisis, and what he would’ve done different, just as narcissistic as someone can be. That’s right, no other President had ever insinuated himself into another President’s biography. 48 more hours of this ahole. Woo hoo!

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  62. Perhaps Trump can make a new “law” that NOTHING can be left at the White House by the outgoing President. There is no limit to that poor excuse of a man/president’s ego! I have a feeling that Trump will come up with a way around that stupid idea. Maybe a huge canvas with a picture of Putin on it thrown over the statue. And $200,000????? Holy Matilda!!!!

  63. Mitchell Tuckness on said:

    LOL. I am not sure if it cannot be removed, but if I was Trump, I’d build a bronze building over the statue with a giant TRUMP sign on top. So no one would ever see the statue underneath it. But hey, that’s just my idea.

  64. Hopefully Trump will send it down to Alabama, and someone down there can erect it in their cotton field alongside the interstate.

  65. While it wouldn’t surprise me…this is fake. Stop before you go tweeting this all over the place and making yourselves look like lunatics.

  66. Randy Clay on said:

    Trumps legacy momento he leaves there should be a bronze placket bonded to O’s statue saying ” Worst president EVER”

  67. rjnvpn on said:

    IF this is true, Trump will trump this with something very clever – The big zero will live to regret this.

  68. Heather Hillier on said:

    Hahahaha people think this is real news. PEOPLE THINK THIS IS REAL NEWS! You guys are hilarious. Click the source link, then scroll down and click “About/Disclaimer”. The source for this piece of “news” is a satire site. AKA – fake news. Learn to differentiate real news from fake news people, just because it supports your bias doesn’t mean it’s true.

  69. Michael Brooks on said:

    well he left a pile of shit too that is going to be damn difficult to remove, should that not count?

  70. Rastus on said:

    We are simply going to take it down, re-smelted to get “All” of the shit out of this once upon a time precious metal and, make Trump-USA pins out of it and on the reverse side, “The Trash Has Been Taken Out !”

  71. Glenn Canyon on said:

    Move the front door to the side of the house and block up the original front door or maybe rotate the house 180 deg.

  72. Lisa Medley on said:

    So Can’t touch it or remove it nobody says you can’t place a wall all around it and make him disappear……Him and his wife worth 20 million leaving the white house on his salary……I suppose the kids are worth a cool 5 million apiece amazing for only having one person working part-time. They are worried about President Trump making money off a legitimate business.

  73. Shotgunner 849 on said:

    It can’t be removed from the premises? How about they stick a lantern in his hand and put the statue out on the White House front lawn? Some people used to have a lite up jockey gracing their fancy lawns. DT can have a jackass on his instead!

  74. Stevie Nichts on said:

    Boy, y’all sure are gullible. Read more carefully. …what, you need hints?

    ““I have been president for only eight years…”

    “George W. Bush left a piece of mirror and a rolled up hundred.”


  75. Buck Ofama on said:

    It needs a burqa and a niqab…that would certainly define where his heart was for the past 8yrs…The niqab would be a big improvement…

  76. Dianne henault on said:

    Bring it to your new home and put it in the garage your so called office. You got rid of Winston Churchill and now think your legacy is going to compare. Your legacy is history one of racism violence and antagonizing foreign countries and not demanding respect for the military, police, and America and the flag. You disgraced your whole race.

  77. Carol Chisumvii on said:

    The rule is to leaves “something of theirs that can’t be taken out. ” Having a huge statue of himself made is NOT something of his. It is something he had made. I would rather have his magic pen.

  78. Debra Perini Leggieri on said:

    Oh no I have a better idea, time to remodel, put it off to the side and build a small room around it, then make that room into a public restrooms for transgenders n put the statue until the middle of the urinal so every one who needs a safe place to pee can pee on obama.

  79. Debra Perini Leggieri on said:

    By the way 200,000 more of our frigging tax dollars wasted on bullshit! I’ve about had it with this guy. Oh n for the record when they impeach his presidency for oh let’s see….treason or maby when they finally get off their assesses and declare his citizenship a fraud thus deligitimizing his presidency you can melt the damn thing down n at least get back the value of the raw materials.

  80. jcfriday on said:

    Yes well this is the peoples house and we will not stand to have this terrorists statue standing anywhere in the White House. he had better be the one that paid for that piece of garbage. Garbage belongs in the dump so that is where it should go immediately. Not one tax dollar should pay for this.

  81. Lee Street on said:


    ORIGIN:On 10 October 2016, the conservative “news-aggregation” web site Observatorial falsely claimed that President Barack Obama said he deserved to be memorialized, publishing an article under the headline “Obama DEMANDS: ‘I Deserve A Monument To Preserve My Legacy As The First Black President’ that opened as follows:

    Obama recently has reportedly been quoted saying, “Being the first black president and all, don’t you think I deserve a monument. I mean, there’s plenty of monuments dedicated to racist white people.

    Obamas [sic] comments have faced criticism on the right, pointing out that anyone who calls for a monument of themselfs [sic] is consiquently [sic] undeserving of one, Though many activists praise and support this idea, and are already in the process of planning for Obama to be potentially added to Mt. Rushmore.

    There is no record of President Obama’s having made any remarks such as these, and no source was identified for them in the article. The piece went on to falsely claimed that unnamed activists “are already in the process of planning for Obama to be potentially added to Mt. Rushmore,” a statement that is nothing more than another long-debunked piece of fake news.

  82. jimcracky on said:

    It’s satire. Its’s fake news. You haters are so prepared to believe hateful things you’ll even believe something as dumb as this is actually true. Unbelievable.

  83. David Taylor on said:

    The original article is from Empire News, a satire site. Obama has not ordered a statue of himself for the White House. If I’ve read correctly in the past, the present resident of the White House chooses what art is in the White House. No President can make a permanent display in the White House.

  84. JustBeachy on said:

    Wasting 200 grand of OUR money on this junk that I hope Trump turns into a toilet, is just chump change to what he’s wasted in the last 8 years. He must be doing some really FINE drugs to be that delusional and I’d bet we’re paying for that too!

  85. Patrick T Gray on said:

    leave it in the bathroom so the gaga libs can jack off on it……….just sayin……..like that
    feller. he seems gaga ENOUGH

  86. TexanForever on said:

    Let it stay per tradition, but move it next to the crapper facing the wall. The laundry room might be an alternative. Then, since it’s not law, an executive order could be ordered for it to be busted up and used for casting fishing sinkers.

    Lots of creative possibilities here.

  87. If it isn’t installed BEFORE he leaves… he should be out of luck. You can’t really leave something in a place that wasn’t already there when you left… can you?

  88. Mike Smith on said:

    This can’t be correct, this has to be fake news, because if you notice there is an American flag pin on Obama’s left lapel, and everybody knows he wouldn’t approve of that.

  89. Mike Smith on said:

    Another reason it’s fake is the dig above about Bush leaving a piece of mirror and rolled up hundred dollar bill, an obvious slur at the Republican president.

  90. Tim Gregart on said:

    President Trump will have a huge tarp over this crap statue that may never be removed either….. a legacy of reform and patriotism will be Mr. Trump’s legacy… a low cost piece of bronzed raglan cloth.

  91. Sounds like more BS. Maybe it will make a good paperweight. And it only cost us another $200,000 of OUR tax money.

  92. SuperGram on said:

    If it truly cannot be removed from the entrance of the White House maybe it could be used as a coat rack? Permanently draped with at least a dozen or so coats and scarves, etc. Even in the summertime!

  93. Cohiba100 on said:

    You cannot possibly be this dense? It is satire. He hasn’t ordered any statue. (And he didn’t give himself a medal, the Secretary of Defense did. Just like they did for George Bush…)

  94. buckmeister2 on said:

    If you folks believe everything in this story, I have a bridge to sell you. It was funny, especially the part about GWB leaving a “piece of mirror and a rolled up hundred”, which is a snipe at his never-happened cocaine habit. But, don’t believe for a minute that the Pres. has the power to commission his own statute, AND to require it’s placement forever.

  95. Ron Brett on said:

    The Trump and Pence families and their cabinet should have it hoisted, then take turns bashing it, until all the candy falls out, then remove the debris.

  96. Sharon Chesher on said:

    I wonder if we taxpayers paid for that monstrosity?? If we did, WE should have a say where it should be SHOVED!!!!!!

  97. Vince Neuwirth on said:

    Trump can improve the statue with a gold
    plate wrote “The worst President ever, never American, muslim, born out
    of USA, husband of another man which played 8 years the role of First
    lady…” and so on. Obama must be really complexed to feel pushing
    everybody after his leaving to watch him in this statue. This is a very
    primitive behavior, which shows a narcissistic personality desorder. A
    statue is a valuable think WHEN IS MADE BY OTHERS AFTER YOUR DEATH, in
    memory of your very appreciated person. When you made your own statue
    and you’re still alive, It becames the biggest joke ever, without a
    honorable value or with a very bad message about your personal mental
    health. Obama, with this statue you proves (again) that you are in a big
    sufference, with a trauma about your acceptance by others and your
    smoked brain shows only errors.

  98. goldengekko on said:

    A reminder of corruption, poor governance, big ego, ineptitude, division, disunity, disregarding “We the People…” The Iranians may want it. Send it there.

  99. THIS IS A FAKE STORY. It comes from a satirical site, Empire News: “Empire News is intended for entertainment purposes only. Our website and social media content uses only fictional names, except in cases of public figure and celebrity parody or satirization. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental.” Puhleeze.

  100. northern2ak2az on said:

    I have an idea. Push Obama’said statue into corner. Get bust of Winston Churchill back and put in front of Obama’said statue.

  101. whoah this blog is excellent i really like reading your posts.
    Stay up the great work! You understand, lots of individuals are looking around for this info, you
    could help them greatly.

  102. Old Hippie from USA on said:

    His ‘Legacy’~To be the first president to spend almost 100 million dollars on vacations… 333 games of golf… A wife that is as big as a cow that changed the school menu to undernourish the undernourished… To use a pen and phone inappropriately… To Demoralize and Reduce our Military… To CRY like a baby because his ‘Legacy’ will end up in the Toilet with all the other bullshit he pulled as POS-POTUS… Good Riddance Obummer… Get your ass as well as all the people in your party out of “OUR” house… OH! I forgot… The biggest race-baiter and divider in the US…

  103. betsy ross on said:

    If you can’t touch it or move it, build a box around it with mirrors inside the box, so Obama reflects upon himself and not the American people.

  104. dblamp2 on said:

    A photo of the Obama statue in Puerto Rico was clearly photoshopped into
    the oval office in a picture that has accompanied these fake news

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