BREAKING: Romanian Clinton Email Hacker, Guccifer, Found Dead in Jail Cell

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Amazingly after FBI Director James Comey makes his “recommendation” that Hillary Clinton not be prosecuted in her “email gate” scandal, a key Romanian hacker was found dead that evening.

Romanian hacker Marcel Lazar Lehel, also known as Guccifer, openly admitted in online statements and interviews that he accessed Clinton’s personal servers. He stated “that it was easy, easy for everyone.” He provided information not only from her email server, but emails to and from Sydney Blumenthal. Some of those emails are on the classified list, and Guccifer claimed to have downloaded over 2 gigabytes of data that “was the most important information to take her down.”

downloadHe went missing from his Virginia jail cell after being detained by the FBI. He was later found that evening hanging by a rope in his personal cell. No further details have been released at this time.

Is he really dead or just missing? How does a prisoner of the FBI go missing?  Guccifer is high profile hacker being indicted for nine counts of felony charges in hacking Clinton’s server. There is no proof yet of his death. Is the government holding back the details?

However, it’s worth noting that Hillary Clinton and her aides were have been investigated into the mysterious suicide of former White House Aide Vince Foster in 1995. Vince Foster and Guccifer are not the only “deaths” in connection to a Clinton investigation. Former UN official John Ashe “accidentally” crushed his throat and died a week before he testified against Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

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